Benefits of Fishing

Fishing has long been one of the most enjoyable recreational activities and more people are getting more hooked up with this hobby. Others take it more seriously and join competitions and fishing sport events. Anglers from different places get together to celebrate their sport and compete with one another.

With all the positive and negative comments people are saying about fishing, what does fishing really bring us? Read on below to see what benefits fishing has in store for us.

fishing2Keeps you in shape

Fishing requires physical activity and spending time outdoors. Casting, reeling in the fish and sometimes having a tug of war with makes you sweat and work your muscles during the activity. Though others think that fishing involves long hours of just sitting and waiting for the fish to bite on, it still requires physical activity as you hold on to your fishing rod.

Hones your patience and focus

Just like what has been mentioned, waiting for the fish to bite on the bait takes time which in turn teaches you to be patient and wait. It also hones your focus as the fish can bite anytime and if your mind wanders, you might get caught off guard and miss it. If you became impatient, there’s a higher chance that you won’t catch any.

Alleviate stress

Being in touch with nature and spending time in a natural surrounding has psychological benefits. The experience tends to lower our stress levels and make us relax better. Most anglers find excitement and enjoyment with fishing due to the thrill of the chase and unpredictability of when you are going to catch something.

Alternative source of foodfishing1

Fishes are known to be good for our health and a good source of fatty acids that are good for the heart and brain. It is also relatively low in fat (bad kind) and cholesterol. It is also perfect for substitution for red meat as fish meat also contain protein.

Improves family and friendly ties

Families who go fishing tend to spend longer period of times together as fishing can take a whole day. Also, taking part in competitions give way for you to meet new people and spend time with like- minded people.

It might be intimidating at first especially if you have no idea on how or where to start. However, you should open make yourself open in trying new things that you have no idea that you will enjoy. You’ll never know if you like something or not if you haven’t tried it, just like fishing. So don’t be afraid and pick up that rod and cast away.