Benefits of Fishing

Fishing has long been one of the most enjoyable recreational activities and more people are getting more hooked up with this hobby. Others take it more seriously and join competitions and fishing sport events. Anglers from different places get together to celebrate their sport and compete with one another.

With all the positive and negative comments people are saying about fishing, what does fishing really bring us? Read on below to see what benefits fishing has in store for us.

fishing2Keeps you in shape

Fishing requires physical activity and spending time outdoors. Casting, reeling in the fish and sometimes having a tug of war with makes you sweat and work your muscles during the activity. Though others think that fishing involves long hours of just sitting and waiting for the fish to bite on, it still requires physical activity as you hold on to your fishing rod.

Hones your patience and focus

Just like what has been mentioned, waiting for the fish to bite on the bait takes time which in turn teaches you to be patient and wait. It also hones your focus as the fish can bite anytime and if your mind wanders, you might get caught off guard and miss it. If you became impatient, there’s a higher chance that you won’t catch any.

Alleviate stress

Being in touch with nature and spending time in a natural surrounding has psychological benefits. The experience tends to lower our stress levels and make us relax better. Most anglers find excitement and enjoyment with fishing due to the thrill of the chase and unpredictability of when you are going to catch something.

Alternative source of foodfishing1

Fishes are known to be good for our health and a good source of fatty acids that are good for the heart and brain. It is also relatively low in fat (bad kind) and cholesterol. It is also perfect for substitution for red meat as fish meat also contain protein.

Improves family and friendly ties

Families who go fishing tend to spend longer period of times together as fishing can take a whole day. Also, taking part in competitions give way for you to meet new people and spend time with like- minded people.

It might be intimidating at first especially if you have no idea on how or where to start. However, you should open make yourself open in trying new things that you have no idea that you will enjoy. You’ll never know if you like something or not if you haven’t tried it, just like fishing. So don’t be afraid and pick up that rod and cast away.

Tips for Successful Recreational Fishing

recreational fishingFishing is the activity of hunting by hooking, trapping or gathering animals that breathe in water or pass their lives in water. Fishing is an activity that some consider a hobby or profession; even some consider fishing a sport. Fishing is also a tradition that has lived for decades.

Venturing outdoors to a lake or stream for recreational fishing promises an enjoyable time filled with good memories. People of all ages can enjoy this sport. Ensure everyone’s safety by observing the following guidelines, as equipment and tackle used can be dangerous when not used correctly.


Recreational fishing involves the use of equipment known as “tackle.” Tackle includes a rod and reel, bobbers, hooks, bait, and tools. Some implements such as the hooks are very sharp because they are designed to penetrate the fish to catch them on the line. Therefore, take extreme caution while handling tackle to prevent injury. Although there are many types of bobbers available, the plain red ones work well for novice fishers. These brightly colored bobbers will rest on the surface of the water until a fish comes along to jerk on the line. The rod and reel used by each angler should fit his or her individual size. Children should use rods that are small enough for them to hold and manipulate in their hands independently. It’s also best to use short rods that are less than five feet in length for small kids to ensure that they can cast and reel without adult help.


Intense debates wage regarding the use of live or artificial bait. Those who prefer artificial bait may have a tackle box filled with many different options to enable them to catch whatever is swimming in the waters. While there are a lot of advantages to this approach, beginning anglers might prefer something simpler. Earthworms dug up from one’s backyard can be extremely useful, not to mention very affordable, for an afternoon of angling. Evrecreationalen kids should be able to put a worm successfully on a hook before casting the line into a lake.

Other Equipment

Pack sunscreen to protect skin from harsh midday rays. It’s also helpful to bring along food and water to keep everyone happy and healthy. For people who plan to take their catch home with them, a cooler and ice will be a necessity. Bring a first-aid kit to enable swift treatment of minor injuries such as cuts or scrapes.

Catch and Keep or Release

Anglers must decide whether their recreational fishing pursuits involve catch and keep or catch and release. When the goal is to keep a catch, it’s necessary to follow local guidelines about the size of the fish pulled from the water. Any specimens that are smaller must be released. Do not keep more fish than can reasonably be used. For catch and release, anglers must handle the fish carefully to avoid injuring them. Return them to the water as soon as possible to minimize their stress. Remove the hook from the mouth gently to prevent damaging it.

Enjoy Fishing and Cruising with Bad Habit Charters

Fishing, cruising and dinner parties are sort of things one could always enjoy. And if this is what you’re looking after, a good captain to lead you is always the first thing to search out. Find a captain who had at least 10 to 20 years of experience in fishing. He must be someone who knows how to catch everything that swims in the Bay.  Whether trolling or chumming, jigging or bottom fishing, the captain you can find should be someone who can consistently find the fish. Also, make sure that before getting into your fishing and cruising adventure that you know the perfect destination that you prefer.

With all this, Bad Habit Charters can be your top choice. The boat, Bad Habit, is 2002 42′ by 13′ 6″ fiberglass Evans Bay-built charter boat.  She’s powered by a 610 hp MAN Diesel, allowing her to cruise at 20 kts. but capable of 28 kts. (Less time running to find fish means more time catching).  Equipped with an enclosed, heated cabin, large head, state-of-the-art Radar, Color Fishfinder, GPS with Chart Plotter, VHF, CB, AM-FM Stereo and all the fishing tackle you’ll need, the Bad Habit is a fish-catching machine.  Her carrying capacity is 28 passengers, although we recommend groups of 12-15 for fishing.

The Captain: Has been fishing on the Chesapeake Bay all his born life. There are pictures of him as a toddler holding large bluefish that touch the floor from back in the 70’s.  He has fished through the 80’s and the Rockfish moratorium and through the 90’s and 2000’s running boats and then getting his own. He has owned several charter boats since 2006, but most recently acquired the Bad Habit in March of 2012. Captain Frank has a life-long passion for fishing, meeting people and showing them a good time on the Chesapeake Bay. Captain Frank is also a 25 plus year veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard, so rest assured that you’ll be safe when underway with him at the helm.

You can have one of the most remarkable and enjoyable moments you can ever have with our services.